We add a TIKTOK Imposter mod in Among Us!

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  1. Norman Finlayson

    Norman Finlayson5 daqiqa oldin

    How do you always be impostor in every second round like I don’t get that😕

  2. Dylan Austen

    Dylan Austen10 daqiqa oldin

    Bye the way the like button doesn’t event turn blue

  3. kade Atkinson

    kade Atkinson23 daqiqa oldin

    In among us

  4. kade Atkinson

    kade Atkinson24 daqiqa oldin

    I accidentally played against you

  5. Jason Nasrallah

    Jason Nasrallah25 daqiqa oldin


  6. Catherine Miranda

    Catherine Miranda33 daqiqa oldin

    When you have been working for the next few days

  7. Catherine Miranda

    Catherine Miranda40 daqiqa oldin

    It’s so cute I love Tik tok

  8. Sam Nas

    Sam Nas52 daqiqa oldin

    You should do call of duty among us

  9. Nicole Jutras

    Nicole JutrasSoat oldin


  10. Eddy Dunu

    Eddy DunuSoat oldin


  11. Lan Lu

    Lan LuSoat oldin

    You are cool

  12. Nicholas Simpson

    Nicholas SimpsonSoat oldin

    I pressed it more than 200 times

  13. gisselle g

    gisselle gSoat oldin

    I love your Videos Make a video about BTS

  14. David J Thompson

    David J ThompsonSoat oldin

    When it turns blue that means it's sad

  15. rasei qedeu

    rasei qedeu2 soat oldin

    The simple congo socioeconomically note because suede internationally consist above a cumbersome shingle. fantastic, wide-eyed eyebrow

  16. Addisyn Crane

    Addisyn Crane2 soat oldin


  17. Subul Asad

    Subul Asad2 soat oldin

    Why does my like button turn white????????? P.S I am on an ipad

  18. ellehcim oc

    ellehcim oc2 soat oldin

    I hate haters

  19. Salha Bujazia

    Salha Bujazia2 soat oldin

    This video is so much likes it has 512k in 1 week

  20. Rowan Holmes

    Rowan Holmes3 soat oldin


  21. Hi Owen love you Moore

    Hi Owen love you Moore3 soat oldin

    Hi I love your sowos

  22. Audrey Salsabila Syakira

    Audrey Salsabila Syakira3 soat oldin

    Hello kitty mode 😚 please 😒 Ssundee :)

  23. Gillian Hood

    Gillian Hood3 soat oldin


  24. Janice Hall

    Janice Hall3 soat oldin

    I have not played among us because I am 7 my name is Chloe

  25. BigHomieEnt.

    BigHomieEnt.3 soat oldin

    The crewmates when there batteries drain is literally my lil sis


    BETTY SCHAEFER3 soat oldin

    make an admin mod

  27. Sammy Ryshakov

    Sammy Ryshakov3 soat oldin

    Make a fortnite among us

  28. Kimber O'Camb

    Kimber O'Camb4 soat oldin

    At the end the "dance for me Gary dance" really got me laughing

  29. Dennis Kao

    Dennis Kao4 soat oldin

    Tik tok ❤️❤️❤️💙🤎💚🤍🧡💚💛

  30. Cheecks6483

    Cheecks64834 soat oldin

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  31. Cheruku Srinivasa rao

    Cheruku Srinivasa rao2 soat oldin

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  35. Henrik Ingeborg

    Henrik Ingeborg3 soat oldin

    Thanks for the recommends

  36. Emyline yoswara

    Emyline yoswara4 soat oldin

    Do a shark and a fish mod

  37. Fiona de Vogel

    Fiona de Vogel4 soat oldin


  38. Elsadig Ahmed

    Elsadig Ahmed4 soat oldin

    I. Am your. Big fan

  39. Holdon Culbreth

    Holdon Culbreth4 soat oldin

    You made a good mod.. *based on something I don't even like.* *w h a t*

  40. Nor Lela

    Nor Lela4 soat oldin


  41. Rynn Aurora

    Rynn Aurora5 soat oldin

    Get 510rb 🤭

  42. Jonathan Jones

    Jonathan Jones5 soat oldin

    My like button turned white

  43. Meadow Luptak

    Meadow Luptak5 soat oldin

    It turns white so I guess I am lying 😝

  44. Ana Carter

    Ana Carter5 soat oldin

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  45. BigBoyGeezer

    BigBoyGeezer6 soat oldin

    Why are the comments on kids channels so fucked

  46. Aman Tamky

    Aman Tamky6 soat oldin

    B e b


    FLO MOEKAUTA6 soat oldin

    I burped at the end then he burped wow

  48. Lindsey Wyndham

    Lindsey Wyndham7 soat oldin

    It turned black

  49. Suman Thapa

    Suman Thapa7 soat oldin

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😄😄😄😄❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ ❤️❤️❤️❤️😛❤️❤️😛❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️SSundee

  50. Suman Thapa

    Suman Thapa7 soat oldin

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ ssundee


    FLO MOEKAUTA7 soat oldin

    Bruh I fell asleep pressing the like

  52. Irena Hattam

    Irena Hattam7 soat oldin

    Why is this a mode 😭

  53. Splater Shot

    Splater Shot7 soat oldin

    My Brain the whole time : Duett the one with the most likes and get a lot of likes?!?

  54. Alex Holasek

    Alex Holasek8 soat oldin

    I clicked the like button and it turned black not blue liar

  55. Sanjukta Pan

    Sanjukta Pan8 soat oldin

    Tik Tok

  56. Lexiecandyland

    Lexiecandyland8 soat oldin

    How do you do these mods?

  57. NateN8han

    NateN8han9 soat oldin

    3:29 ssundees face went like 😐😦😱

  58. Andy zhang

    Andy zhang9 soat oldin

    Ilike your chanl!!!

  59. Sofia Daryll Frane

    Sofia Daryll Frane9 soat oldin

    Did he give one

  60. Eva - Muffin

    Eva - Muffin9 soat oldin

    My puffy dog loaf hear loaf and he jumps on me

  61. BruhOof

    BruhOof9 soat oldin

    “SSus”dee Is SSus Credits …yep.

  62. Matlena Vikki-Junnila

    Matlena Vikki-Junnila9 soat oldin

    isn't month gone

  63. sherima blanquisco

    sherima blanquisco10 soat oldin


  64. thomas is the best

    thomas is the best10 soat oldin

    can you make more random rolls mod

  65. NinjaLavaX

    NinjaLavaX10 soat oldin

    SSundee: if you watched a tiktok video before smash that like button Everyone: (Smashes the like button but ends up breaking their phone)

  66. Heyden ph

    Heyden ph10 soat oldin


  67. A4

    A411 soat oldin

    Did not used the kill botton

  68. Marley does stuff

    Marley does stuff11 soat oldin

    you should do noob among us mode which makes everything easy

  69. P O T A T O ._.

    P O T A T O ._.11 soat oldin

    Sunde:I DONT WANT TO DO THE KISSI FACE Me♧: thank god

  70. Ingvild Flåtten

    Ingvild Flåtten12 soat oldin

    LOL did he say: TikTok foot(?)

  71. Caidan Nguyen

    Caidan Nguyen12 soat oldin

    All tik tok content was banned and removed in roblox

  72. Ingvild Flåtten

    Ingvild Flåtten12 soat oldin

    Can you do a farm mod???????? pls

  73. Bernadine Nelson

    Bernadine Nelson12 soat oldin

    Pls infinite range 1 sec. Cooldown and tiny

  74. Joan Locson

    Joan Locson12 soat oldin

    Cool i like bendy

  75. Anthony

    Anthony12 soat oldin

    kinda feels like u have a vid in among us and u really want likes on ur vid :)

  76. Vital Strength & Fitness

    Vital Strength & Fitness12 soat oldin


  77. Hassan Al Mahdi Bin Abdul Jalil 万利

    Hassan Al Mahdi Bin Abdul Jalil 万利12 soat oldin

    I want a Hello Neighbor mode!

  78. shova gurung

    shova gurung12 soat oldin

    love your vids

  79. prompt k.

    prompt k. 12 soat oldin

    I am your biggest fan

  80. SS Foxiey :3

    SS Foxiey :313 soat oldin

    I never won imposter. Unlike you 🖖😪🤧

  81. Kimber Isbell

    Kimber Isbell13 soat oldin

    Gains gains gains gains gains

  82. Kimber Isbell

    Kimber Isbell13 soat oldin

    We frick you

  83. Mario Cabios

    Mario Cabios13 soat oldin

    He he he he he he he hahahahahaahahahahaghagagahahahahahahaha

  84. I[Knick Shoppe]I

    I[Knick Shoppe]I13 soat oldin

    im pretty sure the previous thumbnail was an bean doing an weird pose while the other videos it, am sure youtube saw it and warned sundee to change the thumbnail lol

  85. mscrystalhood

    mscrystalhood13 soat oldin

    It turns black

  86. Skull rider135

    Skull rider13514 soat oldin

    Mom be like: what’s a tic tac?

  87. troy bencito

    troy bencito14 soat oldin

    One Imp Ok

  88. Gee Pee

    Gee Pee14 soat oldin

    Why do you like button turn blue freak out like windows 10 boy

  89. A monke with a phone

    A monke with a phone14 soat oldin

    Trash UZnickr playing trash game

  90. Alea Muhammad

    Alea Muhammad14 soat oldin


  91. a stack o pancakes

    a stack o pancakes14 soat oldin

    Mecha godzilla mod. U can latzer people like godzilla but red. U can punch people witch electrocuted people and kills them. U can roar and freeze the crewmates and lastly u can step on the map witch is like floor is acid u have to find somewhere safe other wise u burn. Wat do u think?

  92. Komal Manghani Sadhwani

    Komal Manghani Sadhwani14 soat oldin

    How you make tik tok fat mode and ect. Please please please can you tell

  93. aaron esster

    aaron esster15 soat oldin

    do the roblox mod

  94. Decent Guy

    Decent Guy15 soat oldin

    You suck ssundee

  95. Ish Battsetseg

    Ish Battsetseg15 soat oldin


  96. Irda Wiranti

    Irda Wiranti15 soat oldin


  97. yasio bolo

    yasio bolo15 soat oldin

    I’m suppose to be at school right now but I’m watching sundee xD

  98. Melissa Lawrence

    Melissa Lawrence15 soat oldin

    My like turns black lol



    Hola 👋

  100. Cherie Roland

    Cherie Roland15 soat oldin

    It trend blue

  101. yasio bolo

    yasio bolo15 soat oldin


  102. BlueisforEmilio2

    BlueisforEmilio215 soat oldin

    lmao the thumbnail changed

  103. IntelLost:)

    IntelLost:)15 soat oldin

    This is kinda like Watch Dogs 2

  104. DaCoowy

    DaCoowy15 soat oldin

    i wish he had dowload links for the mods



    bro among us cool

  106. Rayhan Ariq

    Rayhan Ariq15 soat oldin

    Who comes here from instagram memes