We add a SCARY Teletubbies Imposter in Among Us

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  1. Sean Cronin

    Sean Cronin8 daqiqa oldin


  2. Nothing cool about this artist

    Nothing cool about this artist16 daqiqa oldin

    Ssundee I’ve seen a teletubbi video before but uhhhhh the like button didn’t turn blue

  3. vethoven alday

    vethoven alday22 daqiqa oldin

    Im a girl: I seen that show

  4. Caidan Nguyen

    Caidan Nguyen22 daqiqa oldin

    They should make a tank version of tinky winky

  5. Oops oops

    Oops oops25 daqiqa oldin

    He said laa laa was the green one 😂😂😂

  6. hy dw

    hy dw31 daqiqa oldin

    The one drizzle untypically disapprove because daffodil optically pedal amid a simple badge. deeply, striped knee

  7. Bobbie Hamilton

    Bobbie Hamilton33 daqiqa oldin

    My like button turns black

  8. darius brooks

    darius brooks44 daqiqa oldin

    i have seen a teletubbies video before lol this one

  9. John Hoare

    John Hoare47 daqiqa oldin

    How could the like button be blue 🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨😬🤨

  10. Nathalie Fenech

    Nathalie Fenech49 daqiqa oldin

    watching this cartoon is hell aaaaaaaa

  11. Hope Elizabeth

    Hope Elizabeth52 daqiqa oldin

    the imposter is a fox and can pounce

  12. Myste

    Myste52 daqiqa oldin

    I’ve actually never watched Teletubbies

  13. Hope Elizabeth

    Hope Elizabeth54 daqiqa oldin

    do a fox mod

  14. Brian Katongo

    Brian Katongo59 daqiqa oldin

    Just wait until you watch Teletubbies in black and white

  15. Brian Katongo

    Brian Katongo59 daqiqa oldin

    I don't know why but whenever I keep the like button it always turns black someone help me it doesn't turn blue

  16. Watt Family Vlogs

    Watt Family VlogsSoat oldin


  17. CastingWithJohn

    CastingWithJohnSoat oldin

    teletubbies use to be my fav show when i was a kid

  18. kevman games & animation

    kevman games & animationSoat oldin

    you said the intro wrong. lala is yellow dipsy is green =

  19. pink__

    pink__Soat oldin

    everyone looks scary but po looks like they just witnessed their parents "doing the deed"

  20. Pepe Swag

    Pepe SwagSoat oldin

    its laalaa and dipsy

  21. Mohamed Ali

    Mohamed AliSoat oldin

    Umm am I the only one that never watched televisiontubbies?

  22. Mohamed Ali

    Mohamed AliSoat oldin

    But I’ll still like

  23. MCJuuu8 i Qrard

    MCJuuu8 i QrardSoat oldin

    omg so scary

  24. Sophia 33v33

    Sophia 33v33Soat oldin

    my brother froze a carrot in a popsicle mold and he dipped it in cornstarch and pepper and ate a raw tamato

  25. Kamden Honore

    Kamden HonoreSoat oldin

    The mean Teletubbies are called Slendytubbies

  26. Cyan The İmposter

    Cyan The İmposterSoat oldin

    He called dipsy lala and he called lala dipsy

  27. Ana Salgado

    Ana SalgadoSoat oldin

    And lookumzs was like I'm lookumzs Lol 🤣🤣

  28. Brittney Pelton

    Brittney PeltonSoat oldin

    you got dipsy and lala confused

  29. Jennifer Gray

    Jennifer GraySoat oldin

    Make a alien xenomorph mod

  30. Fizz ON

    Fizz ONSoat oldin

    My like turned black not blue! But I’m not lying! I sweaaar

  31. {Äårøń Çÿbęr} []your average funfox[]

    {Äårøń Çÿbęr} []your average funfox[]Soat oldin

    Are we going to ignore that he called Dipsy Lala and Lala Dipsy

  32. Lindi Pieterse

    Lindi Pieterse2 soat oldin

    I have

  33. Tucker Stangelini

    Tucker Stangelini2 soat oldin

    You should make a Lebron James mod.

  34. AnimeWolf

    AnimeWolf2 soat oldin


  35. Jeremiah Umar

    Jeremiah Umar2 soat oldin

    Big thanks to *360sheiltec* on 1G for helping me retrieve my hacked account.

  36. Valerie Cando

    Valerie Cando2 soat oldin


  37. Valerie Cando

    Valerie Cando2 soat oldin

    aaah! im a kid

  38. Alex Hinkle

    Alex Hinkle2 soat oldin

    I hate this show

  39. Holly Frost

    Holly Frost3 soat oldin

    U called dipsy Lala and lala dipsy

  40. Dark Wolf

    Dark Wolf3 soat oldin

    I hit the like button but it turned white so I don’t know

  41. Kim Van

    Kim Van3 soat oldin

    it’s you

  42. stikbot world

    stikbot world3 soat oldin

    Do a lagging imposter game pls

  43. Aisa Villarta

    Aisa Villarta3 soat oldin

    Anbnew watches tinky winky's tv pocket

  44. joe steiner

    joe steiner3 soat oldin

    The cluttered hospital pathogenetically drain because patio preclinically wreck modulo a overrated employer. screeching, electric straw

  45. Antony cool

    Antony cool3 soat oldin

    It was Henri because nobody seen him

  46. s201800126 3C18麥泳欣

    s201800126 3C18麥泳欣3 soat oldin

    Nooo im gonna get so many nightmares 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  47. Gret & Sven

    Gret & Sven3 soat oldin


  48. Uncommon Dragon 8

    Uncommon Dragon 83 soat oldin

    Only the real OGs will remember slendietubbies

  49. Lucas Maskell

    Lucas Maskell3 soat oldin

    Why so many dislikes???

  50. Ally The Gacha unicorn

    Ally The Gacha unicorn4 soat oldin

    Love from teletubbies

  51. whitty

    whitty4 soat oldin

    The red teletuby is to scary

  52. Lucivaldo Manoel Alves

    Lucivaldo Manoel Alves4 soat oldin

    This is scary

  53. Shirley Vaz

    Shirley Vaz4 soat oldin

    I saw 16 times

  54. MOHAMED GP2017MO02377

    MOHAMED GP2017MO023774 soat oldin

    I liked ur video

  55. Ryan Kathi

    Ryan Kathi4 soat oldin

    The unarmed believe formally allow because lynx probably turn along a threatening dahlia. worried, intelligent rooster

  56. Nathan Alberts

    Nathan Alberts4 soat oldin


  57. daber07 sub

    daber07 sub4 soat oldin

    So toxrk

  58. Nathan Alberts

    Nathan Alberts4 soat oldin

    lookims be like no im pall and then garry said what no who's pall

  59. zara bathia

    zara bathia4 soat oldin

    The yellow one is lala and the green one is dipsey(i don't know how to spell the name -_-)

  60. MR. Spino

    MR. Spino4 soat oldin

    @Maicej Niemiec the real meme Friend:can we go on land Me:no Friend:why Also me:The sun is a deadly laser

  61. Emily_Cat:'V 12

    Emily_Cat:'V 125 soat oldin

    did you say Dipsy its yellow and Lala its green?;-; upside down😭

  62. amel khelfaoui

    amel khelfaoui5 soat oldin

    hey you switht betwen the green and yello teli the green is dipsi and thge yelo is lala the oters are right

  63. Keeegan Bowhay

    Keeegan Bowhay5 soat oldin

    Play tabs again that game has so many updates you have to

  64. yapsuetyee i luv alex

    yapsuetyee i luv alex5 soat oldin

    Eh oh

  65. Angel Andaya

    Angel Andaya5 soat oldin

    Teletobbies is my favorite vidio when i was a child❤❤❤...

  66. Weird Mario Bro's

    Weird Mario Bro's5 soat oldin

    I eat cheese

  67. angelina rosell

    angelina rosell5 soat oldin

    I’ve always had nightmares of teletubbies

  68. LANGUAGE!!!

    LANGUAGE!!!5 soat oldin

    Tinky winky= purple Dipsy= green Lala= yellow Po= red Your welcome P. S if you look in the intro he says some of the name wrong

  69. Naurto Uzumaki

    Naurto Uzumaki5 soat oldin

    im 9 and i still watch it sometimes

  70. Alexandre Salgado

    Alexandre Salgado5 soat oldin

    On the start ssunde named dipsy to LA LA and LA LA to dipsy

  71. Isaac Magee

    Isaac Magee5 soat oldin


  72. Adeniran Adeniyi

    Adeniran Adeniyi6 soat oldin

    Ssundee Henwy and Jerome stole your gold chickens in mine craft

  73. 马宁

    马宁6 soat oldin

    Ssundee, if you see my comment, could you please stop posting scary among us mods? I really like your among us videoes and want to watch them all but it is making it hard for me to sleep and I still have to go to school

  74. Owen Elder

    Owen Elder6 soat oldin

    The like button turned black?

  75. Summaiya Shamial

    Summaiya Shamial6 soat oldin

    Make a among us mod on: Chucky

  76. Abdulla Akbarov

    Abdulla Akbarov6 soat oldin

    va is tv for Tiky winky

  77. gav gorman

    gav gorman6 soat oldin

    My like button turned blaaak

  78. subila mulenga

    subila mulenga7 soat oldin

    why are u ruining kids show u MONTERS HAHA

  79. Nydrey Albert

    Nydrey Albert7 soat oldin

    I saw already

  80. Earl Christian Vasquez

    Earl Christian Vasquez7 soat oldin


  81. Loice Ndhlovu

    Loice Ndhlovu7 soat oldin


  82. Zita Přichystalová

    Zita Přichystalová7 soat oldin

    tinky winky purple dipsy green laa laa yellow po red

  83. Shaylyn Schultz

    Shaylyn Schultz7 soat oldin

    The tellutubys are my worse night mare

  84. Charlene Lacson

    Charlene Lacson7 soat oldin

    SSundee the green one name disti and and the yellow one is name lala

  85. Rhaika Roge

    Rhaika Roge7 soat oldin

    This mod is beatifull and Not Violent and creepy the mod is Heaven

  86. Javelin’s Transport diaries

    Javelin’s Transport diaries7 soat oldin

    Ssundee quick thing on mobile the like button turns white not blue k?

  87. Monsterboy531

    Monsterboy5317 soat oldin

    You mean slendytubbies

  88. Bonbon Yt

    Bonbon Yt7 soat oldin

    Green is Dipsy. Yellow is Laalaa. You didnt know. 👎👎

  89. rtng dmttu

    rtng dmttu8 soat oldin

    The obscene editorial fortuitously jog because cocktail therapeutically peel pro a greedy carp. guttural H habitual, relieved number

  90. Railee Hazel

    Railee Hazel8 soat oldin

    That you ruined man child hood iam unlike top you TnT

  91. Phoebe Hughes

    Phoebe Hughes8 soat oldin

    Can you do a wizard mod so if your the wizard you can save the crewmates but the imposters is a witch so they can make like a cauldron and drown people stuff like that but there is a normal important to

  92. nathan

    nathan8 soat oldin

    I actually never watch A Teletubbie video

  93. Ram Langi

    Ram Langi8 soat oldin


  94. Jeremiah Umar

    Jeremiah Umar8 soat oldin

    Thanks to *360sheiltec* on Instagram for helping me retrieve my Warzone account

  95. Mike Wazowski

    Mike Wazowski8 soat oldin

    He rond my child hood

  96. Emma Susan Farrarons

    Emma Susan Farrarons8 soat oldin

    Nvm i wont wach tgat again

  97. Rita J Patel

    Rita J Patel9 soat oldin

    a poop mod

  98. mineclub

    mineclub9 soat oldin

    When you said if wachted one teletubi episode it turns blue but mine turned black so I lied