Welcome to my channel! I upload a lot of funny Minecraft, Fortnite and Among Us Videos! I also upload random games. lol I yell a lot.

I also play random games from time to time.


  1. Mr.notnico

    Mr.notnico16 soat oldin

    can i please oplay with you

  2. ElJacko Farmer

    ElJacko Farmer16 soat oldin

    2:11 that is literally what she said

  3. Godly _Reaper

    Godly _Reaper16 soat oldin

    Do this again this is so funny and awsome

  4. Ashton Boutwell

    Ashton Boutwell16 soat oldin

    My internet is garbage right now because well the internet's out so my video qualities is at 144 and right now because of my quality he looks like some type of demon.

  5. Megan Funk

    Megan Funk16 soat oldin


  6. Michael Somers

    Michael Somers17 soat oldin

    bifll chertr

  7. Will The First

    Will The First17 soat oldin

    Crundee craft😬😭😭😭😭😭😢😬

  8. kenzie kennaya tanzil

    kenzie kennaya tanzil17 soat oldin

    lol the music

  9. Lobrawl

    Lobrawl17 soat oldin

    I love this mod I hope this is a long series

  10. Colton Martin

    Colton Martin17 soat oldin

    There should be a role that people can make others into ninjas and his there master and there's a steelers to steel roles

  11. christopher walden

    christopher walden17 soat oldin

    cra-cra-CRAZY CRAFT 2!!!

  12. Lexter Mabilin

    Lexter Mabilin17 soat oldin

    Cobblestone=Life. S Cobblestone=Life. S Cobblestone=Life. U Cobblestone=Life. N Cobblestone=Life. D Cobblestone=Life. E Cobblestone=Life. E

  13. Captain Absol

    Captain Absol17 soat oldin

    Ah Pixelmon

  14. Thomas Young

    Thomas Young17 soat oldin

    Does anyone remember pixelmon the slime sling

  15. Aarav - S2

    Aarav - S217 soat oldin

    640k likes and ssundee will colab with someone insane!!!😂😂like this VDO

  16. Noemer Glenn D. Arnado

    Noemer Glenn D. Arnado17 soat oldin

    jerome knows alot of mod so he know what hes doing

  17. Beta7777

    Beta777717 soat oldin

    Play pixelmon because you can play it it is possible with different versions of it

  18. Odai alofi

    Odai alofi17 soat oldin

    my like button turns black

  19. Heathler Caesar II Along

    Heathler Caesar II Along17 soat oldin

    EAN THANK YOU FOR LISTENING TO MY REQUEST!!... I hope this is a series

  20. Ariel McClain

    Ariel McClain17 soat oldin

    Can you do the pennywise mod

  21. KaNeKi BOIII

    KaNeKi BOIII17 soat oldin

    i loved the previous crazy craft

  22. MaxElectroBot631

    MaxElectroBot63117 soat oldin

    Dude among us is dead

  23. Milagro Smyrnow

    Milagro Smyrnow17 soat oldin

    Quote from SSSUNDEE : we are all dead on the inside

  24. Random Crap

    Random Crap17 soat oldin


  25. gamerchicahera

    gamerchicahera17 soat oldin

    Thought it said "Karen" for a sec there

  26. Xavier Tovar

    Xavier Tovar17 soat oldin

    He should do pixelmon again

  27. Dragon Tommy

    Dragon Tommy17 soat oldin

    Ita back in craft is back... YeS

  28. Goay Miay

    Goay Miay17 soat oldin

    Ssundee is still going at it...YEEEEEEEEEESSSS

  29. Random Crap

    Random Crap17 soat oldin

    There was a second chance cube

  30. Jofph

    Jofph17 soat oldin


  31. Te Matiaranui Kereama

    Te Matiaranui Kereama17 soat oldin


  32. Lesly Ann Mata

    Lesly Ann Mata17 soat oldin

    2:06 it was pink

  33. Lara Hot Vlogs

    Lara Hot Vlogs17 soat oldin

    I propose a new rule, if he sees a chance cube he must break it

  34. Caleb Bridgman

    Caleb Bridgman17 soat oldin

    My dad use to fly helicopters

  35. Tristan Nealis

    Tristan Nealis17 soat oldin

    We need the headhunter mod back

  36. Banana Man 4059

    Banana Man 405917 soat oldin

    My like turned white

  37. Glacial ッ

    Glacial ッ17 soat oldin

    People who remember slime sling from pixelmon respect ✊🏼

  38. ???

    ???17 soat oldin


  39. Fallen Hero

    Fallen Hero17 soat oldin

    Don't use an Ipad for this, I swear it will be broken due to chucking it across the room in fear

  40. Gregory Racz

    Gregory Racz17 soat oldin

    at some point you should make draconic armor

  41. Ashton Boutwell

    Ashton Boutwell17 soat oldin

    Nostalgia level over 9 million

  42. Jonathan Roncancio

    Jonathan Roncancio17 soat oldin

    do troll craft again but with mature people

  43. El'Bean

    El'Bean17 soat oldin


  44. Christopher Cua

    Christopher Cua17 soat oldin

    11:51 kills me everytime 🤣🤣😂

  45. JosherIsFun

    JosherIsFun17 soat oldin


  46. Karime Banuelos

    Karime Banuelos17 soat oldin

    Mommy mommy mommy mommy mommy mommy mommy

  47. Gaminx

    Gaminx17 soat oldin

    I miss Derp Ssundee

  48. Epic_

    Epic_17 soat oldin


  49. Jaden Dinata

    Jaden Dinata17 soat oldin

    15 hours

  50. ibeZerks

    ibeZerks17 soat oldin

    1mil views In 15 hours holy

  51. Jaden Dinata

    Jaden Dinata17 soat oldin

    SSunde got a lot of likes 195k

  52. The_Matad0r

    The_Matad0r17 soat oldin

    Tell the mod maker that there's 2 MAJOR flaws. When Herobrine takes over a person, they show for a moment as themself. When coming back to the meeting, the same thing happens.

  53. Diam0nd

    Diam0nd17 soat oldin

    Please invite Tewtiy, I feel like he would be a great addition to the series

  54. Jaden Dinata

    Jaden Dinata17 soat oldin

    Holy molly

  55. Elijah Terjelian

    Elijah Terjelian17 soat oldin


  56. Rebekah Mather

    Rebekah Mather17 soat oldin

    My like button never turns blue 8c

  57. Dawn Heasman

    Dawn Heasman17 soat oldin

    Mommy mommy mommy

  58. Mason Cole

    Mason Cole17 soat oldin

    I feel you the i first played assassins creed black flag was when i was 5 now i am 8

  59. death king 5

    death king 517 soat oldin

    make this a series pls

  60. The Eater

    The Eater17 soat oldin


  61. Tyler Langlois

    Tyler Langlois17 soat oldin


  62. Vania V.

    Vania V.17 soat oldin

    Not me playing back the video in slow mode to see who killed white. LOL. I am saying white because I still haven't watched the full video. Does anyone know what app they use to talk to each other?

  63. Ethan McNamara

    Ethan McNamara17 soat oldin

    Lets get this to 300k likes

  64. Niel Playz

    Niel Playz17 soat oldin

    12:31 big brain

  65. Ashton Boutwell

    Ashton Boutwell17 soat oldin

    Yes Sunday we want this as a series. Okay no questions you have no say in this ssundee

  66. Anna Magcalas

    Anna Magcalas17 soat oldin

    SSundee, you should do a Daddy roll with the song: “Dabbing in your dad with a baseball bat” please 😄😄

  67. Tonali Machado Guillen

    Tonali Machado Guillen17 soat oldin

    So the guy was dancing and with with sound effects of among Us and he did whatever like it said to do like the switch and the move it was all what it had what it said to do that so that's what was happening okay 🤣

  68. Ashton Boutwell

    Ashton Boutwell17 soat oldin

    May he stay on that throne and abandoned fortnite that is a curse

  69. Shelly Eller

    Shelly Eller17 soat oldin

    i Quissed bluetooth

  70. sad just sad

    sad just sad17 soat oldin

    I missed crazy craft

  71. Syrin Crosby

    Syrin Crosby17 soat oldin

    Keep sallimence

  72. Ashton Boutwell

    Ashton Boutwell17 soat oldin

    He is returning back to his throne

  73. Ashton Boutwell

    Ashton Boutwell17 soat oldin

    Return of the og

  74. IlikeToast

    IlikeToast17 soat oldin


  75. Herramientas El calentano

    Herramientas El calentano17 soat oldin

    No it is henwy

  76. Ashton Boutwell

    Ashton Boutwell17 soat oldin

    It is real jesus is back holy cobblestone.

  77. Zhanhow

    Zhanhow17 soat oldin

    *me seeing the thumbnail expecting to see a crazy ssundee joke*

  78. Ashton Boutwell

    Ashton Boutwell17 soat oldin


  79. MORNOP

    MORNOP17 soat oldin

    ssundee i noticed that when you opened a common lootback i saw an inventory cake. you can eat that cake to increase your inventory. the mod that has that cake is called cyclic